Wout Knoben, Surfix

Patterned surfaces by single-step local surface modification

Surfix will demonstrate its new local surface modification technology, a fast single-step process enabling fabrication of (micro)patterned nanocoatings. The potential of this technology will be shown by the fabrication of (super)hydrophobic/hydrophilic patterns on different materials.

NanoCity 2016

Wout Knoben obtained the MSc degree in Molecular Sciences from Wageningen University in 2002, and the PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from the same university in 2007. Subsequently he moved to Holst Centre, where he worked on the development of new materials and (nano)technologies for chemical sensing. In 2015 Wout joined Surfix, where he works on the development of innovative molecular nanocoatings for micro- and nanotechnology and life sciences applications.

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