Robin Vismara, TUD

Title: Nano-photonic approaches in diverse photovoltaic materials for high efficiency solar cells
Session: 15:00


Nanotechnology plays a fundamental role in optimizing the performance of solar cells. At the PVMD group in Delft we deploy nanostructures applied to photovoltaic materials to achieve the highest efficiency in solar cells. For wafer-based Si devices, we have showed how nanowires can increase both the solar cell absorption and the collection of photo-generated charge carriers. In the case of thin-film nano-crystalline Si architectures, we have compared the effect of dielectric and semiconducting nanostructures on the optical and electrical performance of photovoltaic devices. Other materials have been also studied. In the case of CIGS, we have demonstrated how periodic gratings could significantly boost the cell efficiency by sensibly reducing reflection losses and exciting resonances of the electromagnetic field. Novel materials like BaSi2 are being also investigated. We have showed how nanostructures can significantly boost the device performance, proving the potential of such material as absorber for next-generation solar cells.


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