Menno de Jong, Nano-FM

ArtiCYT Synthetic Bioactive Nanofiber Matrix for 3D Cell Culture

Next-generation biomaterials based on nanotechnology will play a key role in developing new models to better understand cellular behavior and new therapies for a variety of conditions that are inspired by cell and tissue engineering. Traditionally, these fields have relied on cells cultured on flat surfaces (2D). Recent advances in the growth and differentiation of stem cells have brought the realization that mammalian cells need a growth- stimulating matrix surrounding them on all sides to grow optimally and retain their fully "human" characteristics. In nature, the structural components of this matrix are formed by a complex mixture of nanofibrous proteins.
Nano-FM succeeded in the development of a synthetic gel (ArtiCYT) for 3-dimensional (3D) culturing of human cells based on self-assembled, biofunctionalized nanofibers that has several USP's compared to current (animal derived) 2D or 3D tissue culture matrices, including improved reproducibility and increased suitability for diagnostic and medical applications.
This demonstrator will exhibit this nanogel, its preparation, and some of its applications. In addition, you will be able to try your hand at making your own nanogel!

NanoCity 2016
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