Jumin Lee, AMOLF

Title: A silicon-organic singlet fission parallel tandem solar cell exceeding 100% external quantum efficiency
Session: 14:30


Silicon solar cell efficiency is saturated close to the theoretical limit, and radically new approaches are needed to further improve the efficiency. Here we present parallel-connected tandem solar cells based on down-conversion mechanism via singlet fission. This design allows raising the theoretical power conversion efficiency limit to 45% with far superior stability under changing sunlight conditions in comparison to traditional series tandems. We experimentally demonstrate a silicon/singlet fission parallel tandem solar cell that exceeds 100% external quantum efficiency at the main absorption peak of singlet fission organic semiconductor, showing efficient photocurrent addition and proving this design as a realistic prospect for real-world applications.


Jumin Lee is postdoctoral researcher at FOM Institute AMOLF since 2015. He received his PhD from KAIST (Republic of Korea) in 2014. His research focuses on hybrid solar cells mainly based on organic semiconductor.

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