Emiel Visser, TUE

Title: Motion pattern analysis of tethered particles for biosensing applications
Session: 15:30


Biofunctionalized colloidal particles are widely used as labels in complex bioanalytical assays, lab-on-chip devices, biophysical research, and in studies on live biological systems. In all these systems, the interaction of particles with surfaces and interfaces is of paramount importance. Here, we present a detailed analysis of motion patterns of colloidal particles (500‒1000 nm) bound to a substrate by short molecular tethers (40 nm) [Visser et al, ACS Nano 2016]. The motion of the particles was optically tracked with a very high localization accuracy (below 3 nm). Observed motion patterns were compared to numerical Monte Carlo simulations, showing that details of the molecular system are revealed. The motion pattern analysis allows for discrimination between particles bound by different bond types, which opens the possibility to improve the detection limit and dynamic range of biosensors, with a projected increase of dynamic range by nearly two orders of magnitude.


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