Cecilia Laborde, Utwente

Title: Microparticle imaging with CMOS nanocapacitor arrays


Electrochemical biosensors are attractive due to their ease of integration, miniaturization and cost-effective parallelization. However, electrical detection in liquid is severely hindered by screening due to mobile salt ions. For example, under physiological conditions the electrostatic sensing of a target analyte further than a few nanometers from an electrode is essentially impossible. High-frequency signals can overcome this problem by outrunning ionic screening, but are challenging to implement due to the inevitable stray capacitance. In this demonstrator, we employ a large-scale, high-density array of nanoelectrodes integrated with standard CMOS electronics on a single chip to perform high-frequency impedance spectroscopy measurements. As a specific example, we detect and image microparticles located well beyond the electrical double layer. We further show that the response depends on the electrical properties of the target particle, allowing impedance-based fingerprinting.


to be announced

NanoCity 2016
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