Bart van Limpt, Delft IMP B.V.

Atomic Layer Deposition on pneumatically transported particles: Bringing Nanoscale benefits to Macroscale products

Nanostructuring of surfaces with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is accepted technology in the semiconductor industry, having unique capabilities in tuning composition and structure. This technology has tremendous promises to produce next-generation nanostructured particles, such as catalysts and Li-ion battery materials.

To fulfill this promise, Delft University of Technology has worked for more than 10 years to achieve upscaling of ALD using a novel, patented, reactor based on pneumatic transport, allowing large-scale production of nanostructured particles. This concept is currently being commercialized by the spinout Delft IMP.

To demonstrate this achievement, we will guide the audience from the principles of atomic layer deposition to the products that can be produced with this technology. This is done through two demonstrations. The first demo will concentrate on the principe of ALD. This will show a mockup of particles, such as catalysts, being fluidized in a gas stream, and demonstrating how the nanostructuring process takes place. The second demonstration will show how this process can be scaled up to kilogrammes per minute scale using the pneumatic transport reactor.

We will present a small-scale demo of our pneumatic transport reactor, showing the pneumatic transport of actual particles, and the power of this concept in scaling production to kilograms per minute. The interactive demo's will be supported by demonstrations of products that can be made with this technology and a presentation on the technology and the applications.

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NanoCity 2016
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