Anton Litke, TUE

Title: Sulfide/oxide composite photocatalysts for the visible light-driven water reduction reaction
Session: 10:30


Transition toward the sustainable energy has been set as the long term goal and the solar light is one the target energy sources. Despite its abundance, conversion of the solar energy into convenient fuels is a big challenge. In this regard photocatalytic water splitting and reduction of carbon dioxide are promising options. However, the overall energy conversion efficiency of photocatalytic systems remains prohibitively low. Therefore we studied for the visible light-driven water reduction reaction with the transition metal sulfides-titania composite photocatalysts. Such systems are known to have better charge carrier separation and higher efficiency. Contrary to this, a strong deteriorating effect was observed for highly active sulfides. Moreover, the activity of different composites were very similar and independent from the intrinsic properties of the sulfide components. Based on the experimental results we conclude that slow electron transport in titania is the bottleneck limiting overall efficiency of the studied systems.


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